Hermes Phishing Website Example

In this article, I will show you an example of a Hermes phishing text and Website. The real Hermes delivery company never send texts asking you to rearrange a parcel delivery.

Hermes will also never ask you to pay a fee for a missed parcel. Specifically, in the UK, Hermes will leave a card asking you to arrange redelivery if needed.

The Hermes phishing website is now offline but I did manage to grab a video of it before it was reported and taken offline.

Hermes Phishing Text Message

The Hermes phishing scam started with a text message. Emails are also very common for scammers to redirect you to the Hermes phishing website. On this occasion, it was a text message that took me to the phishing website.

I knew straight away it was a phishing text message as the domain name was way too big for any delivery company.

As you can see from the Hermes phishing text message examples they are both very similar. Both text messages have one purpose and that is to take you to the Hermes phishing website.

Hermes Phishing Website

At the time of writing this website is still offline. It was around October 2021 when the phishing website was live. The Hermes phishing website did look quite convincing to the untrained eye.

Now let’s take a look at the actual Hermes phishing website. It does have a lot of similarities of the official Hermes site upon comparison. None of the actual links worked on the phishing website apart from the ones the scammer wants you to use.

As shown in the yellow box below the domain is a dead give away that tells me it is a Hermes phishing website. At first the fraudulent site asked me to confirm my postcode even though the scammer does not know my postcode.

Hermes Phishing Website Example
Hermes Phishing Website

Hermes Scam Site – Parcel Located

The next screenshot of the Hermes phishing site informs me I have missed a parcel. Obviously, I put a random postcode in and it located the parcel that doesn’t exist!

Hermes phishing site located parcel
Hermes phishing site missed delivery

Hermes Phishing Site – Dead Links

So now the phishing website impersonating Hermes has found my parcel that does not exist, we can proceed to check the links on this scam website.

This particular phishing website had a lot of links that simply didn’t work when clicked. I guess this would take too much time for the scammers behind and their main focus is to get all your details.

Non working links hermes phishing scam site
Non-working links – Hermes Phishing Site

Personal Details – Hermes Phishing Site

Now the phishing website scammers would like all my personal details. Specifically, the website asks for:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Home Address

Does a delivery company really need your date of birth? Additionally, it claims to have already found my parcel so surely it does not need my address?

All these details are used for the scammer to contact you later claiming to be from your bank. The scammer will pretend to have flagged a suspicious transaction on your bank account to Hermes.

personal details hermes phishing website
Entering personal details – Hermes Scam Website

Real details should never be entered into websites such as this, there’s nothing good that will come from it.

Banking Information – Phishing Scam

As shown in the screenshot below, this fake Hermes website asks not just for card details but also your account number and the sort code of your bank account.

This information will be used to identify who you choose to bank with and the branch location. The scammer will use this information later to convince you that it is the bank calling you. The specific details of this particular Hermes phishing website asked for:

  • Card Holders Name
  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • CVV
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Sort Code

These details should never be entered into any website you think may be suspicious. At the very least your card details will be used at some point.

Banking Information Hermes Phishing Website
Banking Details Hermes Scam Site

Fake Redelivery Time

Now that the scammer has all of my important personal and banking information, they give me a fake redelivery time. Remember that the parcel does not exist so let’s look at the time on the next screen.

The time for my parcel to get delivered claims to be by 3:09 am on the next day.

Hermes Re-delivery scam website
Fake Redelivery Hermes Site

Reporting Phishing Websites

So now you have seen a Hermes phishing website in action, hopefully, this article has helped you spot a fake website in the future.

Reporting phishing websites to search engines is one of the fastest ways to warn others that may click the link. In my experience, Google and Bing are very quick at putting up an alert to warn people that they may be visiting a dangerous website.

The following links take you to the search engine phishing reporting tools:

Google Safe Browsing - Report Phishing Website
Google Safe Browsing Report Sent

Once the report has been sent and analysed they can provide other potential phishing victims with warnings prior to visiting the phishing websites.

Report Phishing Sites To Law Enforcement

The best way to get a phishing website down as quickly as possible is to report it to law enforcement. The authorities work with numerous hosting providers and are generally quick at taking down scam websites.

Direct links to law enforcement agency reporting tools are found in the list below:

It can be useful to give as much information as possible when reporting scams to law enforcement. Most agencies have systems set up to report phishing emails and text messages.

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25/09/2022 Evri Phishing Numbers and Domains Update

Numerous Evri phishing texts are circulating recently as always, sims are disposable so numbers can change frquently but the following UK numbers have been directing users to Evri phishing sites:

  • +447734375114
  • +447593286308
  • +447759708087
  • +447599693591
  • +447542836873
  • +447305135343
  • +447305999739
  • +447734373958
  • +447593289703
  • +447593286308
  • +447542334087

The following domains are all Evri phishing sites:


There are literally hundreds of these Evri phishing sites in action. Please assume every text recieved is a scam as all UK postal services will always leave a card with redlivery instructions.

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