International Monetary Fund Scam

The International Monetary Fund Scam.

The Hon Barrister Collins Scammer dropped me an email this morning. The email is poorly written with grammar although it does appear to be neat and tidy.

I have had a little trouble reading it and making sense of it as a whole. I get the just of it, the scammer is trying to pull the wool over my eyes claiming they have been tracking my transactions 24/7.

IMF International Relations Department Scam

After reading the International Relations Department scam email, i dont belive there is any facts in this email at all.

So i decided to search the P.O. Box address and it came back with several different scams. It appears this paticular scammer has been at it since 2015 at least.

P.O.Box 3100, Benin GPO Suite 5B, Premier Towers,Pension Road, Cotonou Benin Republic Search Results
P.O. Box Address Search Results

Email Address Search Results

I then decided to search the email address to see what results i could find. The email address that it appears to be sent from is spoofed. The reply email is [email protected], the search results showed more scamming: Search Results
Email Address Search Results

IMF International Relations Department – Full Email

Lets take a peek at the full email, as mentioned earlier it is poorly written email.

International Monetary Fund Scam
IMF International Monetary Fund Scam
Wed 23/02/2022 19:58
(Public Affairs)( REF:012IMFA )
P.O.Box 3100, Benin GPO Suite 5B, Premier Towers,Pension Road, Cotonou Benin Republic,

Good Day!!!

Don't be so smart, Stop deceiving your-self, But I will still brief you that you are running out of time because there is no way you will get any funds from Africa since you refused to Register and to respond to our previous mails, Even if you like you pay money to every body in all Africa contents as a whole, There is no way you can get your funds or your consignment too, Because our 24/7 tracking surveillance is monitoring all your transaction and those you are working with all this while with those people you called your lawyer or representative in Benin and other country here in Africa, By the way what have they done for you just for you to trust them? What have you gained or get in return in all the transactions these lawyer's or representatives have verified for you? It is only a stupid fool will seek someone who is younger to be your own child to investigate a transaction on your behalf, what a shame? Why you never received any money from Africa internet compensation is that you did not register as a member to IMF AND CDA. Try it now and get you payment.

Just (3) days ago we arrested 14 people who are under the age of 20-25yrs old, impersonating different office in Benin, due to the Benin lawyer they were sentence to 5yrs imprisonment for fraudulent activities in Benin, due to investigation, some of this arrested victim has a luxurious cars etc. So imagine your money used or spent for women and beer due to their confessions.

These are some of the reasons most of you are asking to be a registered member to the IMF And CDA which give you 100% security of getting all your funds from Africa within a second. It is only those who are member to the U.N/U.N.A.O are advice not to make any further payment to us since they will get their individual documentation both from IMF and the U.N/U.N.A.O office but investigation will carry out to know if you are any register member to any of the organization mentioned to you.

But If you are not a member, please kindly pay your IMF and CDA membership certificate and identification card which will cost you $65.00 USD SEND it today or fall to do so you lose your fund and Please kindly buy Google Play Card or steam wallet gift or ITUNES CARD or sephora gift card any Wal -Mart around you or Supermarket around you and forward the copy of the card.

I wait to hear from you immediately to enable your transfer to take place immediately without any further delay or stress.


IMF Resident Representative
IMF International Relations (Dept) Public Affairs


This is 100% a scam, although the IMF may exist this scammer is not part of it. One major tell-tail sign is he is asking for gift cards for payment. Gift cards such as google play cards are ideal for scammers as they are very hard to trace and refund.

The gift cards are typically traded for bitcoin on various websites. If you have recieved this email or a similar email asking for gift cards please delete it and ignore it.

As this paticular scammer has requested payment upfront it is classed as the Advance Fee Scam.

Scam Victims

If you believe you may have been a victim of a scam or are being scammed currently please look at the follwinf resources for further advice:

Residents from all other countries should look at their local police force scam resources.

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7 months ago

Hi recently i have received letters from IMF official regarding my grant. For which they want fee to be sent the draft to me. please advise me if it is real or scam. Please find the letters below from the officer of IMF.
Dear Grant Recipient,
We officially write to inform you after our brief meeting with Board of authorities’ today we need to know what is happening with your claims as we will be closing the first Quarter payment tomorrow which your name was shortlisted among and failure to claim your file will be move to Supreme Court and your Fund will be move to Suspense Treasury Account as Unclaimed.
we advice you to forward to us urgently what is the situations with the Bank urgently.
NOTE: Do not withhold any information for yourself for Record purpose and Candid Advice.
Attention: It is very important that you check your e-mail (s) regularly for updates.
Carla Grasso
(Deputy Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer)
International Monetary Fund (I.M.F)
Dear Grant Recipient,
We officially acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail and all information therein; all the information provided by you has been screened and verified. IMF Giving Together seeks opportunities to achieve synergies by combining IMF Financial Grant and Donations.
One of the major priorities of IMF Giving Together is to help improve economic and social conditions in the IMF Member Countries, one-half of IMF Giving Together Donations are made to local charities, and the balance is donated to international nonprofit organizations with records of success in assisting poor families and supporting individuals to ensure better Life Improvement.

For a complete and successful transfer of your GRANTS to your residence, you are hereby directed to contact EXPRESS COURIER DELIVERY, our accredited and official Delivery Company closer to you Region, You are to contact the Brigxcore Courier via e-mail requesting the “Freight Delivery” of your official GRANT of $1,550,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand USD) with the following contact details below:
Email::[email protected]

It is also imperative that you quote your REFERENCE NUMBER: IMF/WDC/1109/0320, Your Full Name and Your Preferred Delivery Address in your e-mail to COURIER GROUP UK for easy and proper Identification.
Attention: It is very important that you check your e-mail (s) regularly for updates.

Congratulations once more from the staff, members of the screening committee and members of the IMF and Civic Program Advisory Committee (CPAC) GRANTS Team.

Enclosed is a copy of your Fund Transfer Approval by I.M.F.


Carla Grasso

(Deputy Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer)

International Monetary Fund (I.M.F)

2 months ago

Find out how to know if the funds are legitimate

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