John Belcher Scammer Identification

John Belcher is a military scammer that claims to have found a large sum of money in Afghanistan. The scammer sent me photos of an ID and fake boxes of cash trying to convince me to pay a fee at a later date.

Anyone who has found this post by using a search engine, you ARE being scammed. Please don’t send the fraudster any cash.

John Belcher Initial Email

So this scam started with a random email claiming to have a business proposal and needing my assistance. Let’s look at the initial email:

John Belcher Business Proposal
First Email from John Belcher Scammer
Fri 22/10/2021 21:14

I have a Business Proposal for you i need your assistance

Naturally, I reply to the email enquiring what the business proposal was. I knew at this point it was some sort of scam or fraud as emails like this never lead to anything good.

If someone you don’t know contacts you and is persistent or needs help from a random stranger, it’s very likely to be a scam.

Second Email – John Belcher Scammer

The second email I received from John Belcher the military scammer was a pre-produced email he must send to every potential victim.

I could pick holes in the scammer’s email straight off the belt. The email states “Thank you for your response Firstly I want to appreciate your concern towards the troops”. I did not mention any troops in my response, so this is a clue that this email has been pre-written and sent to the masses.

John Belcher the scammer basically informs me that he is on active service in Syria and has found boxes of money that total $14 million.

John Belcher Military Scammer
John Belcher Scam – Second Email
John Belcher <[email protected]>
Sat 23/10/2021 08:16

Thank you for your response Firstly I want to appreciate your concern towards the troops and also for responding to my email, I got your email from the internet as I sought for someone to partner with, let me apologize for intruding into your email without prior knowledge of whom you are and also thank you for your bravery in responding to a total stranger as I believe that God has ordained that we will meet.

Presently on active service with 565th Squadron in Syria. Few months ago we were alerted to the sudden presence of some Terrorists camping in Al-Tanf garrison, a suburb not too far from M2-Baghdad-Damascus here in Syria. After Immediate intervention, we captured three (3) of the Terrorists. They confessed being rebels for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a leader of Daesh and the ISIL he also swore an alligiance with the Hay'at Tahrir al sham group, and they took us to a cave in Barisha Idlid Governorate here in syria, which served as their camp. Here we recovered some boxes containing some millions of US Dollars, me and my colleagues decided to share it among ourselves and my share was US$14 million USD.

  I split it into two places and placed them in two different box which I deposited with a private diplomatic Security home used mostly by our forces that can send goods easily through diplomatic and private military way, to anywhere in the world without them being checked at any port of entry or customs, I told them the box contains Fragile Family Personal Gifts, so they don't know what is inside and they can never get to know. Basically, since I am not among Hundreds of our colleagues that were withdrawn back to the states or know where my fate lies anymore, I cannot continue to keep these funds with the Cargo Company for as long as I remain here.

 I trusted a lady who promised to help me receive one of the boxes, but since the box arrived with her, I haven't heard from her for over 7 Months now. I need someone I can trust 100%, who will not run away with these funds. Currently, the only box left with the diplomatic security agency is worth the sum of 7 Million USD, and I want to send it over to you for safekeeping if you are willing to work with me. You will have 40% and I will have 60%. For security reasons, this transaction must be kept very secret, and should not be disclosed to anyone else. As long as you follow my instructions, I can assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free.

Do get back to me with your response and I will forward more information to you.

Please I want to trust you as you know I cannot come after you if you decide to run away. Please let's work together and make life good hereafter.

Thank you.

Third Email – John Belcher Scam

Already I can see where this scam is leading, at this point I guess it’s going to be a delivery fee to transport the fake boxes of cash from Syria. I take this opportunity to ask Mr Belcher exactly how he plans to get $7 Million out of Syria undetected.

Of course, John Belcher totally ignores my question and decides to send me some random photos and ask me my personal info.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful photos sent by John Belcher the military scammer:

Looking closely at the fake I.D. sent by John Belcher you can easily see the Issue date and Expiry date has been changed. The third email sent along with the pictures is shown below:

John Belcher Syria Boxes Of Cash
Third Email From John Belcher Scammer
John Belcher <[email protected]>
Sat 23/10/2021 20:56

Thank you for your response, I want to assure you that everything done here is strictly 100% legitimate so you do not need to have any doubt. This is a turn around for both of us and I need your total support and trust to work this out. Your percentage still stands at 40%. The most important thing is that the diplomatic agencies that will be handling the delivery are very well trusted and reliable, used mostly by our troops. They send goods easily through diplomatic and private military way, to anywhere in the world without them being checked at any port of entry

Please, I would like to know more about you.

Your Address?
Your full names?
Are you single or Married?
What do you do for a living at present?
Can you handle these funds carefully?
Please I need Your Direct Telephone numbers.

 I will also want to see a picture of you so I know who I am dealing with. We need to build trust OK! You know that security is very important, you can not trust anybody therefore remember to keep secrets secret. I hope you are OK with this? Make sure you check your email everyday because we don't have much time on this,  I need your urgent reply in this regard.

With Respect

Fourth Email – John Belcher Scam

At this point, John Belcher must have been rubbing his hands thinking he was 100% going to scam me.

I offered the scammer some fake information to lead him on. John Belcher replied asking to see my identification but naturally, I avoided sending anything.

John Belcher Scam
Fourth Email Contact – John Belcher
John Belcher <[email protected]>
Sun 24/10/2021 00:54

Please I will also want to see a picture of you and I.D so I know who I am dealing with  I need Your Direct Telephone numbers.

Fifth Email – Military Scammer John Belcher

It’s at the point in the scam where John Belcher passes me to a colleague that concentrates on extracting money from the victim. I am still unsure at this point if it’s one person or multiple scammers.

Quite often scammers will work in groups and each one has an individual task to complete.

Express Convenient Imports - John Belcher Scam
John Belcher Fifth Email
John Belcher <[email protected]>
Thu 28/10/2021 14:51

Please contact them with this pin to enable them to open your file (Pin: 281231/US/2312021). Thanks for your commitment towards this transaction. Please let me know once you hear from them. Contact their online department with the email below.

Speedex Diplomatic courier express
PO Box 7001, Level 11, Rolex Tower,
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.
Contact Person: Zohair Ibrahim Mohammed Mawadh
Email: [email protected]  Or [email protected]

Express Convenient Imports

John Belcher has directed me to email another email address and give them a pin to open my file. Judging by the wording in the Express Convenient Import email I think this is a different scammer that I am dealing with now.

Express Convenient Imports included some sort of delivery slip in this email. Attachments like this are an attempt to help convince the scam victims that it is a legit operation.

Express Convenient Imports Scam
Express Convenient Imports Delivery Slip

At this moment, I am still waiting for the scammers to ask for some sort of payment upfront. I know it’s a scam but still curious about what the actual scam will be.

Moving forward, this email fills my brain with nonsense and asks me to fill in the form shown above.

John Belcher Scammer -
Express Convenient Imports Email
express convenientimports <[email protected]>
Sun 09/01/2022 21:14

Good day from my humble office. As you should be aware already, I am Dipl. Zohair Ibrahim Mohammed Mawadh of the Express Convenient Imports Diplomatic Agency branch office in Afghanistan. We have in our possession one Trunk box Containing Historic Books registered Pin: 281231/US/2312021 and ready to be couriered to you. You are to please confirm your correct residential mailing address to enable us dispatch your trunk boxes immediately. Note that we do not deliver to P.O.Box address or street corners but to your residence.

It is the usual practice of our organization to conduct a proper verification of all Boxes that we are to deliver to ensure that they are valid. Be rest assured that your Trunk Box has been confirmed valid and true and delivery will be made once you have met the necessary requirements. Please find attach the New Customer Account Form and have it filled and forwarded back to us for verification. or provide the following details bellow.
The delivery option has been handled by the Hi there,


I need to contact you about arranging the delivery of a box. My Pin Number is : 281231/US/2312021from Afghanistan. I will be needing you to fill out the form and have it sent back to me as soon as possible as your package must be claimed or delivered to your location within the next Three(3) to (5) working days from today.
Your Pin number #Pin: 281231/US/2312021.
Deposit Code: 00987600-00
Transaction Code: TEV-SA-01-CET ''A'' 08937XD7-02
Description of Consignment to be delivered:
An original certificate of weight :------------72.39kg
Bonded draft of weight :-------------0.19kg
Colour of Boxes:-------------Silver
Delivery Length of days :-------------48 Hours
Expecting your response as soon as possible,
Express Convenient Imports
PO Box 7001, Level 11, Rolex Tower,
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.
Contact Person: Zohair Ibrahim Mohammed Mawadh
Email: [email protected]

Express Convenient Imports – Advance Fee Scam

After a couple more nonsense emails asking me to confirm details I had already provided to the scammer. The next email I received was the email asking me for payment upfront. The John Belcher military scam is in fact the advance fee scam as I suspected.

The Advance-Fee Scam always offers the victim a large value prize or cash and asks them to pay some form of the fee upfront.

On this occasion, it’s apparent that the fee is for insurance and is the sum of $1010. I feel this is a little on the expensive side for a box of money that does not even exist.

Express Convenient Imports - Military Scam John Belcher
Second Email – Express Convenient Imports Scam
express convenientimports <[email protected]>
Tue 11/01/2022 20:03

Your information's has been confirmed and clarified, there is a new development here in Dubai, stating that all consignment/package must be sent to the UAE Insurance Scheme before delivery, as we were informed, it is a vital policy that any consignment/package living Dubai, must be insured in-case of demur-rage, you need to pay for the insurance policy charge that will be covering your Consignment before it can be delivered to you as we were made to understand. The insurance policy covering your box on amounts to $1010.00 USD (United States Dollars) and this is because of the weight of your consignment.
For greater protection your consignment has to be insured in accordance with shipping regulations under unlimited liability. This comprehensive cash in transit insurance cover for your consignment has been arranged {for effective and fast customs clearance}. Delivery of consignment commences {IMMEDIATELY} after payment covering insurance charges is made, and also you are to attached a scan copy of your Passport or drivers licence for identification.

It is a Vital Policy and is Mandatory here in UAE that all Consignment leaving Dubai must be Insured in case of demur-rage and protection, the consignment was never insured. We will submit your details to the Insurance Department at the Airport, and they will issue us the way for you to make transfer of the $1010.00 USD (United States Dollars) to the account officer as soon as you are ready to do so, Your Consignment will be lifted on Board for delivery to your Door Post right there in your country within 48hrs after insurance.

You are advice to get back to us with a specified date for payment, to make proper arrangement, I anticipate your swift response in this regard.

TNT Diplomatic
Courier Express
PO Box 7001, Level
11, Rolex Tower,
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.
Contact Person: Zohair Ibrahim Mohammed Mawadh
Email: [email protected]

Payment Details – John Belcher Military Scam

Now I know it’s an advance fee scam, I have confirmed they are nothing but scammers I then ask for payment details. The scammer quickly sends the payment information back to me.

The person named below is known as a money mule. The job provided to them is to take payment and forward it to the scammers after taking a cut. It’s common for money mules to be victims of scammers as well. Often they are told a completely different story and are not aware they are part of a scamming operation.

Express Convenient Imports Payment Scam
Payment Details – John Belcher Scam
express convenientimports <[email protected]>
Wed 12/01/2022 09:56

You are sending the money to our office in USA.  Go ahead and make the payment.

Bank Name: TD BANK
Account number: 4391027426
Routing: 067014822
Swift Code: NRTHUS33
Bank Address: 1701 E Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida, postal code: 33304
Bank phone: (954) 765-0613
Account holder Address: 5800 NW 16TH Street Sunrise, FL 33313

Thank you.

Conclusion – John Belcher Scam

As shown in this post, this is the Advance Fee Scam. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. If a random stranger contacts you and is asking for help similar to this then it’s highly likely you are being scammed.

The scammers will always ask for some sort of payment, normally they can be persistent and continue contacting you if you have not responded. Scammers like John Belcher need you and you don’t need them hence the reason they will continue to contact you.

Never send anyone any form of payment, you will generally never hear from them again. The only exception to that is to ask for more money.

Email Scam Reporting

Reporting scams can seem like a pointless exercise but authorities have the power to stop the email addresses from sending emails to more victims.

Scam Emails can be reported to the following authorities for investigation:

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If this article has helped you or you have been scammed by John Belcher and his accomplices let me know in the comments.

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