post office royal mail phishing website +447485234013 +447485690218

A Post Office Phishing site with screenshots and examples.

Post Office Phishing Text Message

As with most phishing websites, this one started with a text message. The number it originated from is +447485234013.

The message was a typical phishing message designed to take you to the Royal Mail phishing website.

PO:Your delivery arrived at your local postoffice branch due to an unpaid shipping fee.To reshedule a delivery please visit:

Reports online that a second number is being used with a similar message, the second number is +447485690218

PO:Your delivery arrived at your local postoffice branch due to an unpaid shipping fee.To reshedule a delivery please visit:

Royal Mail / Post Office Phishing Site Example1

Both websites have now been taken down but I managed to grab some screenshots of the first one before it was taken offline.

So after following the link in the text message it takes me to a Post Office phishing website designed to extract details from users.

The first webpage of the post office phishing site informs me they tried to deliver a parcel and I now have to pay a £1.99 fee for redelivery.

post office royal mail phishing website +447485234013 +447485690218
Royal Mail Post Office Redelivery Phishing Site

This is, of course, a scam, the parcel does not exist and if you pay these scammers or enter details into this type of site you will be targeted with further scams.

The Royal Mail phishing site asks users to choose a new delivery date before continuing. The next page of the post office redelivery scam site asks for personal details.

Post Office Phishing Site Royal Mail Scam Redelivery scam - personal details
Personal Details – Post Office Phishing Site

Once the fake post office website has taken all your personal details, the scammers would now love to have your banking information.

The next page takes card details including your banking account number and sort code.

Royal Mail Phishing Website Post Office Scam - Credit Card Details
Banking Information – Post Office Phishing Site

Now the scammers have all of your importing details including banking information. There’s not much they need from you now.

The final page informs the user that the parcel will be sent out for delivery soon.

Fake Post Office Website - Phishing Royal Mail Site
Final Page – Fake Royal Mail Website

This is a scam, if you have entered any details into a website similar to this please contact your local police force for further advice.

At the very least cancel your bank card and ask the bank for advice on the information you entered into the phishing website.

Post Office / Royal Mail Phishing Site Example 2

I received a Post Office phishing text message on 22/06/2022 from UK mobile number +447305009357. The text message had the following information:

PostOffice: Adam tried to deIiver your parceI yesterday, unfortunateIy no one was in. PIease rearrange a redeIivery via:

I followed the link and took a look at the fake Post Office website. The first page of the Post Office phishing site asks users for a postcode. Regardless of what postcode you enter into this phishing site the result will be the same everytime.

Post Office Phishing Site Example
An Post Office Phishing Site

The next page on the fake post office website informs users “Due to COVID-19 we no longer leave our calling cards”. This statement is not true. Any legitimate parcel company based in the UK do not charge for redeliveries and will always leave a card in your letterbox.

Royal Mail Phishing Site - Due to Covid-19 we no longer leave our calling cards
The second page of the fake Post Office site

The third page of the Post Office phishing website tells the user it has found the parcel. Next the site would like more personal details.

Fake post office website - redlivery scam - phishing
1 Item FoundPost Office Phishing

The phishing scam site impersonating the post office asks users to choose a redlivery date before continuing to the next page.

Redelivery Scam - Post Office Website
Redelivery Date – Fake Post Office Site

The most important part for the fraudsters is your credit card details. If the scammer gets your card details they can use it to make purchases online.

Redelivery Charge Post Office
Credit Card Details – Post Office Phishing Site

The last page of the redelivery scam site informs users that the parcel will be delivered on the date they chose earlier. Of course there is no parcel and it certainly will not be re-delivered.

Redelivery request processed successfully
Final Page Of The Phishing Site

So Whats The Redelivery Scam?

Numerous reports for redelivery scams all say that the scammer will call you impersonating your bank. The scammer will inform you that they have flagged a Post Office transaction on your card. The scammer will basically use all the information you entered and talk you into transferring your money into their account.

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