facebook.com phishing email. - is facebookmail legit

The facebook phishing email circulating recently tells users that “someone tried to log into your account”.

This specific email is not a phishing email as we know it. The purpose of this particular email is actually a tool for scammers. The tool gives users two options, and both send an email back to the scammer with the user’s email address on the subject line.

Facebook.com Phishing Email

The purpose of this facebook.com phishing email is to let the scammers know that your email address is active enabling them to target you with further scams.

If you send a response to the scammers using any of the two options in the facebook.com phishing email, it alerts them to the fact that you did not realise it was a fake Facebook email.

Scammers will use this information against you and target you with more scams until they eventually scam you.

This email has been doing the rounds recently and informs users that someone tried to log into their account. This is a fake facebook.com phishing email.

Someone tried to log in To Your Account, User lD :

A user just logged into your Facebook account from a new device Samsung S21. We are sending you this email to verify it's really you.

The Facebook Team

This Facebook phishing email example originates [email protected] which is a Gmail address and not an official Facebook email.

facebook.com phishing email. - is facebookmail legit
facebook.com phishing email

Facebook Phishing Email – Conclusion

If you have received this email or a similar one, simply delete and block it before going about your usual business.

If you choose any of the two options in the email this sends a reply to the scammer that tells them the following two things:

  • Your email address is in use
  • You did not know it was a fake Facebook email

Scammers will target you with further scams using this info.

25/08/2022 Update

This email is circulating again, it is identical to the previous ones but the email address is [email protected]. Please block the email address, delete the email then go about your day as usual.

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