Teresa Pereda Scam Deposit Certificate

Mrs Teresa Pereda is a professional email scammer that specialises in the advance fee scam. The scam artist Teresa will always contact you using email.

Teresa Pereda will tell the email recipients that she is in ill health and of course, she has a large amount of money that she would love to leave to a random stranger she just emailed out of nowhere.

Why Post Scams?

I do have an interest in scams and how they work. I get phishing websites a lot less often than the daily scams I received. To be totally truthful, I find the scams I receive boring and they all follow the same method of operation.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to have that email address leaked in a data breach. Since then, it has been hammered daily with scams although they have never got a penny out of me yet.

The purpose of my responding to them is to waste their time and post emails on the internet. Hopefully, people will search for some details from these scams and maybe not get scammed.

I’ll be honest about the people emailing me these scams, the majority I would say 80-90% originate from Nigeria.

Also, they have no morals at all or any care about who they are frauding. Some of them are so persistent, that they ask you for phone numbers to basically persuade you quicker than they could by sending emails.

First Email Contact

The first email I received from Teresa Pereda was back in October 2021. I always know when it’s a scam as most of them send a nonsense story on the first email.

Let’s take a look at the first email:

Teresa Pereda Email Scammer
Teresa Pereda Inital Email
Mrs. Teresa Pereda
I am Mrs. Teresa Pereda, 65 years old, deaf and a widow. I was married to the late Engr Keith Howard Pereda ,who worked with Shell Development Company in London for Twenty-Six years before he died in the year 2007 after a brief illness that lasted only five days. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of US$30 Million in a firm here. Following my ill health(Cancer of the Lungs), my Doctor told me that I may not live longer than required due to my health condition. I am looking forward to seeing someone who can use this money in charitable works. More details will be made known to you upon your response.

Please get back to me via my private Email:( [email protected] )here for further directives.

May God Bless You.
Mrs. Teresa Pereda

Teresa Pereda Second Email

The second email I received from scammer Teresa Pereda was very long-winded. This email serves only one purpose to attempt and convince me that she is a faithful person. The scammer purposely mentions God numerous times in the email.

All this email is attempting to do is put convince the victim that a person that believes in God and prays often could not be a scammer. I knew at this point this scammer would ask for money at some point upfront.

This is known as an Advance Fee Scam.

Let’s look at the second email:

From: Mrs. Teresa Pereda <[email protected]>
Sent: 23 October 2021 08:40
Dear friend,

I read your message and and it is well understood and i want you to note that i don't know you and i don't even know who you are or where you come from but the Lord whom i serve is so loving and helpful as he never forget his own people i want you to know that i have been thinking of what to do over this funds for some period of years now simply because i know that the money is of no use to me any longer simply because of the stage at which my cancer has gotten. Due to my condition, the doctors don't even permit me to use the internet. I am only chanced to contact you using the assistance of a nurse in the hospital so that I can fulfill this great mission of God from me to you before I die.

I am a very prayerful person and it was when i was praying sometimes ago that the Lord revealed to me i don't know if i should call it a dream or a vision i was told that i should go into the world and bless the world with what the almighty God has used in blessing i and my late husband. The vision seems so terrific and i was so bothered that i had a day fasting and prayer over it and someone in my church then interpret the meaning of my dreams to me telling me that i am having something which is in need in the world and he want me to use it to bless the world and the person asked me to think very well because it is the voice of the Lord that has spoken to me and all that.

I searched myself very well and i get to remember that i am having the fund which i and my husband had labored for so many years and i contacted the security company as the beneficiary of the funds and i was confirmed the owner of the funds and am asked to come around and get it exactly when am ready to but i should made awareness of when i will be coming so that proper arrangement would be made then but it is a pity i can't go which you know.

I had another dream which made me realize that I must not be in possession of the money and I should go into the world and look for someone in the world to distribute the funds in a Godly manner. So I decided to search for a name related to a woman who took very good care of me when I was dumped by my runaway parents. I was brought up in a motherless baby home and so I told my nurse to help me get an internet account. After that  I decided to search. I got about 1065 profiles and I prayed over it and you know what's funny ? among all the profiles i chose it was yours that the Lord has chosen to distribute this funds as a sacrifice from the lord to the world.

It is a means of you been committed to the Lord and this will make you move closer to him as well and i am very sure that he must certainly have a reason why he want you to do this on his behalf please be strong and have faith in yourself and in me and make me realize that you will do it just because i know you can do it and i see you doing it right among everyone else....

Hope I read from you soonest and please make sure that you never forget me in your prayers kindly get back to me. Thanks and God bless you and your household make a prayer over it and you will smell it around you the Lord will not come down to call his own people he will send someone to you now he has sent me to you.

My Dear friend I trust you with my Whole Heart and I want you to Do everything in your Power and Help to Use this my Money for the Benefit of the Poor, Less privileged, Cancer Patient, Sick, Handicap, Aged men and Women and So on.

NUMBER ONE THING: You can build a Non Governmental Organization in Me and Your Name where people will be Attended to and the community around you can be reached.

NUMBER TWO THING: You are to build Motherless Babies Home (One) in different Locations around you, You should Help different Cancer Patients in different hospitals around you as well and as far as you Can go.

NUMBER THREE THING: 10% of the $30,000,000.00 USD goes to You, My Beneficiary and My New Next of Kin.

God bless you abundantly..........in his riches..................Amen

Yours in Christ
Mrs Teresa Pereda

Anyone at this point that is reading this article about Teresa Pereda that believes they are going to receive any money from this scammer should think again.

Teresa Pereda Third Email

The next email I received from scammer Teresa Pereda included a nice certificate that appears to have been created by someone that has the I.T. skills of a monkey.

The certificate used in this Teresa Pereda scam is nothing more than a tool to help convince victims that this scam could be legit.

At this point, Teresa Pereda passes me on to her colleague that has a specific job of extracting money from victims.

The colleague is posing as Mr Donald Rodriguez from Brinks Global Security. Let’s take a look at the email and the skills used in creating the certificate:

Teresa Pereda Scam Deposit Certificate
Teresa Pereda Scam Deposit Certificate
From: Mrs. Teresa Pereda <[email protected]>
Sent: 26 October 2021 08:14
My Dearest One:

I am in a very bad condition right now, please do pray for me,this funds belong to me, which my late husband left for me, and my dear I am handling this to you as a trusted one, which God has chosen for me to help me donate my funds to the less fortunate, charity, privilege, motherless home, and widow...Please my dear I will also tell you to use my funds for the said purpose, do not betray me okay. this is the information you will send to the security company for the release of my funds okay.. May the Goodness of our lord bless you with joy, happiness, love, good health in Jesus name we pray...AMEN....

You see as a matter of fact, I was brought up by my Aunt and been a person without any parent my Aunt maltreated me so much because I had no parent to cry to, so along the line to cut the story short after my college I met a man who assisted in my Education and everything then, as luck may have it I got married to the man. So that was the reason why I love to help people in need and must especially CHARITY.
So I will be very grateful if you work with me accordingly and give me your trust and seriousness in this.

The information is below. I am giving and releasing this vital and secret information of mine to you with trust and confidence cos I have gotten you as my next of kin to do this faithful work for God and subsequently to Human.

Depositors Name  Keith Howard Pereda
Batch no 66840090040
Year Deposited: 2007
Secret Question Who is Depositor
Answer: Mrs  Teresa Pereda
Security Code: 90600040020
Amount: US$30 Million



Security Company Contact Email:  [email protected]

Security Company Contact Person: ( BRINKS GLOBAL SECURITY COMPANY ) Mr.Donald Rodriguez.

Are any among you suffering? Let him pray. Is it cheerful? Let him sing praise. James 5.13. May the good God bless you abundantly. I will be waiting to read back from you. Thanks a lot for caring for me.

May God be with you.

Yours in Christ.......
Pray for wisdom and discernment
Mrs.Teresa Pereda

Brinks Global Security Company

As mentioned above, this scammer’s job is to extract money from the email recipient. This scammer is posing as Mr Donald Rodriguez, this will not be their real name.

Another prop was sent in the email by these scammers. The certificate serves the same purpose as the last one, to make the scam appear more realistic and help convince the victim to part with their cash.

Teresa Pereda Email Scammer - Brinks Global Security
Brinks Global Security Certificate
From: BRINKS GLOBAL SECURITY COMPANY <[email protected]>
Sent: 18 January 2022 23:05
Subject: Attention: Michael McCutchen
BGSC Yard Branch:
9th & M Street SE
Ground Floor,Building 218
Washington, DC 20374
Tel:+1 615 266 5448

Attention: ,

we hereby acknowledge the receipt of your letter of claim submitted to our offices.by Mrs Teresa Pereda ,we the management and staff of the Brinks Global Security Company wishes to express our sincere sympathy to you and your entire family over the death of our prime customer(Late Mr.Keith.Howard Pereda)

with reference to your claim,we hereby inform you that the management of this Brinks Global Security Company has approved your claim/application and this will enable us release Late Mr.Howard Pereda $30,000,000.00(including accumulated interest) into any of your nominated bank account on the auspices of his relatives.

Based on the above accordance with the rules and regulation to release the funds to the relative of the deceased customer,you are hereby requested to forward the following documents to this office to enable us transfer the fund into your nominated bank account.The documents are as follows,Identification ID Card.

In other to get the transfer done you will be required to make refundable payment of $1,200 for ACCOUNT RE-ACTIVATION of the account were Late Mr.Michael Howard Pereda funds is deposited before the transferring of your fund can be completed into your personal bank account.

Without the RE-ACTIVATION of the Account the transfer can not be completed , this is because the account were the fund is lodge as been dormant as no transaction have been made on the account either by deposit or withdrawal for the paste 5 years, in that case such account will be termed dormant and inactive so no form of transaction can be made on it until is is RE-ACTIVATED COMPLETELY.

You should also be informed that the ACTIVATION FEE of $1,200 which you will pay,it will be added to your personal bank account upon receiving your total sum of after which the account have been ACTIVATED.

On confirmation of your signatory and the payment of the ACCOUNT RE-ACTIVATION, your account will be credited via swift immediately. Be advice also that we shall forward you detail information of swift wire transfer report when your transfer is completed.

You must endeavor to complete this procedure and get back to our office immediately. Failure to comply would make it impossible for us (Brinks Global Security Company), to effect transfer of your inheritance fund, to your offshore bank account in your country.

Upon the receive of the above listed we will affect the necessary change of ownership with our legal department in your favor and as well approve the release of $30 million to you.

Feel free to contact the office for any clarification and assistance that you may require.

Customer Service Department
Brinks Global Security Company
Mr.Donald Rodriguez

Conclusion – Teresa Pereda Scam

As shown in the above email from Donald Rodriguez, the scammers have asked for a fee. This is a typical Advance Fee Scam. The fraudsters will always ask for a fee in this type of scam.

Often scammers will ask for different amounts for fees, typical fee excuses vary from insurance or delivery fees etc.

If you have any scams you would like to report please take a look at our How To Report Scams article.

If you have any scams you would like to post please contact me on the Forums. Alternatively, take a look at out Scam and Phishing categories on the website.

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