Solicitor Gil Williams Scam

The solicitor Gil Williams Scammer. This scam started with the scammer seeing me a blank email from the following email address: [email protected].

The following email I received from the alleged solicitor Gil Williams informed me he runs a private consultancy aswell as a load of nonsense about high value investments in real estate.

Gil Williams Solicitor Scam Initial Email

Solicitor Gil Williams Scam
Solicitor Gil Williams Scam
From: William Gil <[email protected]>
Sent: 05 June 2022 10:59
Subject: Re:

I run a private consultancy, and currently have access to a high-net-worth individual who, due to  instability in her country,  is interested in a confidential collaboration that can facilitate relocation of her financial resources through investments in real estate or other areas of business, overseas.
If interested, please contact me for details..


Gil Williams

As you can see this email from scammer Gil Williams has all the hallmarks of the Advance Fee Scam. At some point this scammer will ask for a fee upfront.

Solicitor Gil Williams Second Email

The next email i recieved from Scammer Gil Williams had alot more information that the first email. Scammers will generally spin stories to potential victims in an attempt to make the scam believable.

The scammer also asks for alot of personal details in this email. This information should never be given to the scammers.

Gil Williams Scammer
Solicitor Gil Williams Scammer Second Email
Solicitor Gil Williams Scammer Second Email
From: William Gil <[email protected]>
Sent: 06 June 2022 19:08
Subject: Thank you for your response

Good day to you and your family,

This is to confirm the receipt of your email as regards to my potential offer that required a person with a wealth of experience and connections in the economic world and leverages.

This entire project consists of re-organizing the ownership status of $15M and subsequently transferring it to you for immediate investment on Commercial and Residential Real Estate in your country. The Real Estate investment area will be acquiring Commercial properties, Residential Houses and building shopping malls.

My client will remain silent and anonymous throughout the period of movement of the US$15,000,000.00 from our Bank to the Beneficiary/Recipient Account and will not get involved either directly or indirectly. All correspondence associated with this transaction will be strictly addressed to me.

After this money has been transferred to your country, it is my client's wish to set up a company there in your Country and the company will be used for the property acquisition and all other transactions relating to this investment transaction. We do not know much about your Country so it will be your decision on which cities to invest in; this is why we need your services.

Consequently, this transaction may commence without delay, all that is needed is for you to temporarily receive the funds to your company or you in person if the company does not belong to you.

But be informed that before we can proceed deep into this transaction fully, we will have to enter into a contract agreement which will clearly state our both interest and stakes in this transaction so that we will not have any misunderstanding or misrepresentation whatsoever during this investment project.

All I need from you need now is to provide me your details such as;

Full names:
Company Name:
Contact Address:
Position Held:
Your international passport should be attach:
Telephone number to reach you:
Fax number for receiving documents:

This will enable me to prepare our contract agreement and also fill out bank documents to transfer the US$15,000,000.00 Million to you for the commencement of the real estate investments. Let me use this opportunity to inform you that all transactions will be conducted inside the full circles of local and international laws and nothing illegal will be done whatsoever during the course of conducting this transaction and I also ask for your full trust and honesty as well as undivided attention in this relationship.

I do appeal for your understanding and I also want to assure you that we don't wish to delay not to waste your time. Finally, after the funds have been transferred to you, me and my client will be coming over to meet you in your Country for your 10% partnership payment and also to sit down and discuss more on the real estate investments. Once again, I look forward to a successful deal.

Kindly get back swiftly with your information as required for us to proceed.

Tel/WhatsApp: +44 745 127 7224


Solicitor Gil Williams

As it stands i have not heard back from Scammer Gil Williams, but if and when i do i will update this post.

I am almost certain this is an Advance Fee Scam. This scammer will at some point ask for some sort of fee upfront.

If you have any scams you would like published please head over to our Forums and post them to help warn others.

Alternatively please take a look at our Reporting Scams page for more information on how to report scams and fraud.

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