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Email 1
 David <[email protected]>
Sent: 08 August 2022 23:29
Subject: Crucial update

I hope my mail meets you in good health.
I’m David, I have a matter which will interest you . I await your reply to the detailed update  I am about to divulge.


Email 2

From: david annan <[email protected]>
Sent: 10 August 2022 17:43
To: xxxxx
Subject: Re: RE: Crucial update

Good Day Friend,

My full name is Barr. David Leslie, representative at viva-trust owned by Stephan Schmideiny.I appreciate your reply to my request and your desire to know more about this cooperation. You are receiving this email because you are a lucky recipient of Stephan Schmideiny charity donation investment in your Country. A year from now, the Stephan Schmideiny company will be opening an office in your Country. View link below for more information :

You will be receiving a donation of €3,000,000.00, €1.5Million for you, the remaining half will be for the charity investment in my name.

This procedure will clearly be explained to you when it’s time. Your contact details were randomly chosen from a web log of internet users in your country to receive viva-trust noble charity donations of €3,000,000 (Three Million Euros).

I know you might be wondering why viva-trust chose to donate such a huge amount of money. The intention of this is to be of great blessing to people. viva-trust cannot continue to amass wealth without giving out. My inspiration partly came from a solid family tradition: my forebears saw it as a natural part of the responsibility that comes with wealth to share one’s riches with human’s in need. While the reach of their philanthropy was their home-region and country, I saw it as a natural evolution that with the globalization of business, philanthropy, too, should become global.

Stephan Schmideiny. continue to give because it has been a profoundly rewarding experience, because I keep learning about the needs and potential of the people and the dynamics of development, and because I have been fortunate enough to make more money than I and my children need.

Before I proceed, it is important that I introduce the owner of viva-trust. His name is Stephan Schmideiny. born in 1948 in Switzerland.A Swiss citizen .NET worth as at today is three billion dollars. Source of wealth is investments. More information about my client can be found on

Stephan Schmideiny rose to prominence in 1976 when he became board president of his father’s construction materials company Swiss Eternit group at age 29.Conclusively, for documentation purposes and for processing of your donated funds, your details are required. Find below the required details

Full name:
Contact address:
Phone number:

The details are to be provided by replying to this email.

Warm regards
Barr. David Leslie

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