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Email 1

From: LEE SANG GON <[email protected]>
Sent: 23 August 2022 20:14
Subject: Greetings Sir/Madam

My Greetings: Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am LEE SANG GON, a project facilitator working and funding projects with numerous investors worldwide. I would like to know if you have any project(s) that requires funding. We are ready to fund Such projects or businesses. We also offer business loans, personal and home loans to finance new projects as well as expansion capital. Send your reply for more updates of my personality and the transaction status and mode of operation.

Waiting for your prompt response.

Thank you.

Affectionately Yours,


Email 2

From: LEE SANG GON <[email protected]>
Sent: 24 August 2022 10:49
Subject: Re: Greetings Sir/Madam

Dear , 

Thanks for your email message and the content is well understood. Below are our terms and process of our loan funds.

Our Terms:

1. Our Minimum Funding: U$1 Million and our Maximum Funding is: U$3.5 Billion

2. INVESTMENT PERIOD: – 10 to 20 Years + 2 years Grace Period.

3. Interest Rate Per Annum: – 2% per annum interest.

4. Capital Repayment Period: – balloon payment at the end of the 10 or 20-year period.

5. Interest Payment: – At the end of each year starting after the grace Period of Two Years.

6. Grace Period: – Minimum of 24 Months, which will be the Construction Period.

7. Security/Guarantee.: – Insurance Credit Wrap/ Insurance Surety Bond.

We pay 1.5% commission to brokers, who introduce project owners for finance or other opportunities.

We offer loans to corporate organizations and individuals all over the world. No country is an exception. The only charge that comes up is the acquisition of the insurance wrap which acts as a security or collateral to our loan funds. It normally comes prior to the movement of the loan funds to your designated bank account.

Kindly provide us with well detailed information which you consider Important that we need to know, preferably a business plan or an executive summary, if you do not have a business plan at the moment

Feel free to write a business overview for proper study, verification and approval.

Yours faithfully,


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