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Email 1

From: Salah Ail [email protected]
Sent: 12 August 2022 01:34
Subject: Hello.

Dear Friend. I have a business proposal of $35 Million USD which i want to
transact with you get back for more details.Best Regards From Salah

Email 2

From: Salah Ail [email protected]
Sent: 14 August 2022 07:28
Subject: Further More Disclosed From Salah Ail.

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your email, i want to assure you that my transaction is
100% grantee and i will prove it behind every reasonable doubt as long
as you are ready to follow up. I appreciate your response. My proposal
is very important to me so please I want you to take the content of
this mail very seriously. All I want is an honest business
transaction between us. First of all, I will start by introducing

My names are Salah Ail I am from Burkina Faso in West African. I
am working with Coris Bank International. Let me give you some
information about the transaction. It has been 10 years now that some
greedy African Politicians used our bank to launder money overseas
through the help of their Political advisers.

Most of the funds which they transferred out of the shores of Africa
were gold and oil money that was supposed to have been used to develop
the continent. I acted as the Bank Officer to most of the politicians
and when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in their
greedy act; I also cleaned some of their banking records from the Bank
files and no one cared to ask me because the money was too much for
them to control.They laundered over $5b Dollars during the process
.and i was able to divert Thirty Five Million US dollars ($35m) to an
escrow account belonging to no one in the bank. The ($35) Million
Dollars has been laying waste but I don’t want to retire from the bank
without transferring the funds to a foreign account.

I only want you to assist me by providing a bank account where the
fund can be transferred. You are not going to face any difficulties or
legal implications as I am the one to handle the transfer
personally.Kindly indicate your full interest as to enable me tell you
more detail of the proposal. The fund will be shared 60% for me and
40% for you. There is no one coming to ask you about the funds because
I secured everything.I am waiting for your confirmation to enable me
give you the detail of the transaction.

Best Regards
Mr. Salah Ail

Email 3

From: Salah Ail [email protected]
Sent: 20 August 2022 09:46
Subject: Further More Disclosed From Salah Ail.

Dear Friend

I am ready to do this transaction with you only if you will be capable and ready to keep it secret because I do not need any security problems. Since you are a very honest person as you seem to sound, I assure you that success in this venture is guaranteed, if only you follow my advice. As I was telling you in my mail, most of those politicians are no longer in power and some are dead. There is “no security risk” because funds do not exist in anybody’s name. No one also knows about the secret of the funds except me and already budgets have been done many times without any mention of the funds which means it can be legally transferred to any person that I legalize his/her name as the owner.

The Funds can only be transferred to a Foreigner not resident in my country because I placed the funds on a ‘transit escrow account’ to enable me wire the funds to any part of the world when required. I hope that you will not disappoint me when this money enters into your account, I have all my hopes in this transaction because I shall soon go on retirement, i am a simple banker whose credibility is still intact and with my maturity and understanding, I promise to give the best co-operation. If you are really interested in this transaction, then we must hurry up so that our bank and government will not claim and inherit this money because it has over-stayed. Below is the information you are to send to me which I am going to use to obtain some vital documents from the ministries in your name that will back up the claim and as soon as I get them ready, I will forward them to you with an application which you will fill and summit back to my bank as to commences with the immediate process of the transaction.

(1)Your full names
(2) Your age
(3) Your occupation
(4) Your marital status
(5) Your full residential address.
(6) Your direct phone and fax numbers.
(7) Your identity.

Note: the reason why i contacted you is because the deceased is a foreigner and it also requires a foreigner to come for the claim of the fund, had it been a local partner is needed for the claim i would have used a friend or relative to claim the fund. Meanwhile, i want to let you know that there as some vital documents that the bank will demand from you before releasing the fund to your account, those documents will cost more than $20,000 US Dollars, but never mind i will use my money to get those documents without bothering you, so kindly indicate your interest and provide the above listed information to enable us proceed. There will be no problem, trust me

Thanks and best regards
Mr. Salah Ali
Phone Number/ +226-6830-3463

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