This is a Scam Email! You should never click any links or respond to these fraudsters

Reply Email: [email protected]

From: Hon. Mrs Kamala Harris <[email protected]>
Sent: 04 November 2022 19:32
Subject: From current Vice President of the United States

The White House Office Of The Vice President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20500

Good day to you!!

I am Hon. Mrs. Kamala Harris. The 49th and current Vice President of the United States, I was born in Columbus, Indiana, on June 7, 1959, I am the one of six children born to Edward and Nancy Pence. 

I greet you with the name in the name of the LORD Almighty the giver of every good thing. I know this letter may come to you as a surprise. Nevertheless, I humbly ask you to give me your attention and hear me  well. I would like to inform you that your funds issue worth the total sum of $20.5Million US Dollars was brought to my office this Morning by Mr. Charles W. Scharf the Chief Executive Officer WELLS FARGO BANK USA.

Mr. Charles W. Scharf stated that you have finally disclaim your United Nations Compensation fund worth $20.5Million United State Dollars and his purpose of visiting my office is to seek support and have my signature on the documents for easy confiscation of your Compensation to  the government budget account since you don’t want to receive it. But with humanitarian ground and sympathy I refused to sign the documents. However, I immediately called up the President Mr. Joe Biden and explained your matter to him as regards to your payment and he personally called Mr. Charles W. Scharf the Chief Executive Officer WELLS FARGO BANK USA to reduce the payment from $300 to $60 in order to help you afford the fee and obtain the Tax Clearance Certificate before the said fund will hit your bank account or ATM Visa Card will be delivery to your home address.

Please,I want you to know that you have from now till tomorrow to send the $60 Google Play Card or Steam Wallet to receive your Compensation fund worth $20.5Million United State Dollars in your bank account or deliver an ATM Visa Card direct to your home address. You are required to buy US$60 Google play card and Steam Wallet Card and remember that this US$60 is the ONLY charge you will EVER pay before the fund will be transfer into your account or ATM Master Card will be delivered to your home address Depending on the choice which you wants to receive your money.

YOU WILL NEVER pay a dime again as agreed and signed down here in Court that you will never pay any other money apart from the $60.00. Therefore, the days of you being subjected to paying twice Double Payment is over as that is the case with some corrupt officials down there in Africa.

This is a lifetime opportunity and we will advise you to take advantage of it before it will become too late to do so. This could be the last opportunity you might have in receiving your ATM package so do not fail to notice this wonderful moment to have your fund that you have been looking for a way to make it reality. This is an official notification and we advise you to treat it with utmost urgency.

 Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Yours Faithfully,

Kamala Harris 

Vice President of the United States

current Vice President of the United States

Washington, DC 20500

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