This is a Scam Email! You should never click any links or respond to these fraudsters

From: MR.ASHLEY CHARLES <[email protected]>
Sent: 19 November 2022 17:27
Subject: Honestly am just disappointing at your behavior


Honestly am just disappointing at your behavior because I have sent this mail to you a time without number and my reason of doing that is that I don’t want you to lose this fund just because of $49,00 and you know that this $49 is all you will pay and start receiving your payment,I know it is because of your past experience that make you not to believe me but I told you before my God who is my wittiness that I cannot deceive you because my bible says what shall it profit a man to gain material things and lose his soul.I told you earlier just drop your old experience and follow my instruction,I am a man of God and you will know what it means to follow somebody that fears God.

I swear to again. If I fail to transfer your FUND within 2hours after you send the $49 as I promise, I cannot fail you, I promise you. don’t fear as soon as you sent the $49 today please leave the rest to me and see if I am lie to you or not because I can not use my life swear because of $49.00,How can I swear against my life because of this FUND, but is to show you that I am telling you the please try to understand me this $49 is a big amount but is too small for the amount you have to receive within 25 minutes okay.

Send the money so that we will complete the matter once and for all $49 only no more payment. I swear again and your total fund of 10.500.000.00 will Transfer to you immediately after I received the 49 dollars okay.

I am here giving you 100% Assurance that you will receive your FUND once you send the 49 dollars.

You are to send the 49 dollars through Steam wallet Card or iTunes Card OR Google card or eBay Or AMAZON CARD) I am waiting to hear from you now.

Waiting to receive the payment information.

Thank you for your

Understand and God bless you.
Do not fail to reply.



E-mail:::([email protected])
Do not fail to reply 

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